19 AUG

Calendering line Start up and final commissioning 10,000 km away

Start up & Commissioning Customer Service

Du­ring May 2020 in the strong CO­VID pe­riod a com­ple­te and ful­ly sa­ti­sfac­to­ry fstart-up of a rub­ber ca­len­de­ring line (dual pur­po­se fa­bric and steel cord ca­len­der­li­ne ba­sed on a 4 roll ful­ly hy­drau­lic ca­len­der 610­x1800 mm S) located in Far East has been per­for­med. In the view to grant the max. sa­fe­ty both to per­son­nel as well as to ma­chi­nes, fir­st of all a se­ries of vi­deo ca­me­ras sur­roun­ding the unit has been in­stal­led, te­sting the ima­ge lag to be ab­so­lu­te­ly “on time whi­le the but­ton is pu­shed”. Fur­ther a pre­li­mi­na­ry se­lec­tion of few ope­ra­tors to be in­vol­ved was set up, ha­ving a clear view of the sche­du­le. This is an es­sen­tial step, in or­der to crea­te a crew, in whi­ch eve­ryo­ne mu­tual­ly un­der­stands each others. Once “rea­dy to go”, the fir­st step is to crea­te a VPN con­nec­tion bet­ween par­ties, whi­ch is as­su­red to be safe and sta­ble. Safe, to be sure that no pri­vi­le­ged info are skip­ped, or in­ter­rup­tions hap­pen. Ha­ving crea­ted a so­lid base, the next step is per­for­ming a com­ple­te test of all emer­gen­cy de­vi­ces and si­gnals on board. Con­si­de­ring the ma­chi­ne is lo­ca­ted about 10.000 KM far from CO­ME­RIO ER­CO­LE we are proud to say that the com­mis­sio­ning of the com­ple­te ca­len­der­li­ne has been run with real­ly smoo­th con­di­tions, rea­ching a sa­ti­sfac­to­ry re­sult and ab­so­lu­te­ly wi­thout any ri­sks.