Sustainability ESG

Sustainability ESG Sustainability ESG

COMERIO ERCOLE, as a worldwide manufacturer and installer of complex machines and systems, has undertaken a specific path of ESG sustainability, concretized in actions such as the drafting of a code of ethics and the sustainability report. With the social report and integrated sustainability report ESG (Environmental - Social and Governance) COMERIO ERCOLE intends to provide a report on the activities, initiatives and projects, in order to provide all interested parties with a clear and precise picture:
- respect for social responsibility;
- company performance on issues concerning social responsibility;
- the positioning of the company with respect to the SDG 2030 objectives, of its social policy, objectives, strategy and guidelines for the social sector.

The sustainability report is drawn up in compliance with the requirements of the SA8000 standard, which is based on compliance with the regulations of the ILO (International Labor Organization), as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention UN for the elimination of all forms of discrimination. In this regard, COMERIO ERCOLE has undertaken to establish the main objectives and adopt the appropriate socially responsible behaviors to achieve them. In particular, the strategic and operational corporate activities of the company take into account respect for human rights, fair treatment, correct behavior towards the external community, protection of the environment, customers and suppliers, as well as the creation of economic value but also social.

The growing international attention to sustainability and social development in the wake of the Paris Agreement, the United Nations Global Compact and the launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has further increased COMERIO ERCOLE awareness of the fact that these objectives must be placed at the center of the daily operations of our company to contribute to the sustainable development of the territory.