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During incoming K2022 INTERNATIONAL EXPO COMERIO ERCOLE will present some very important technological innovations recently developed in its plastic and rubber main field of activity. COMERIO ERCOLE has recently introduced a new Digital Platform named HERCULES40® which is aimed to supply to COMERIO ERCOLE customers a data-driven analysis tool for a continuous improvement of production process, including energy consumption optimization, as well as added value after sales services. Thanks to the sharing of data on the platform, HERCULES40® enables new digital services to increase the efficiency of the machines and optimize the customer process crating a data-oriented collaboration. CO­ME­RIO ER­CO­LE is more and more con­cen­tra­ted on the end user sup­port and two re­cent new pro­duc­ts have been pre­sen­ted to our cu­sto­mers just reconfirming our firm commitment "on site" rolls main­te­nan­ce pro­cess. The "heart" of any ca­len­de­ring pro­cess is lin­ked to rolls sta­tus the­re­fo­re we have de­ve­lo­ped two al­ter­na­ti­ve tools sup­por­ting "on site" main­te­nan­ce pro­cess. With SAND­BLA­STER any need to keep and/​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​or re­co­ve­ry of a cer­tain rou­gh­ness is now per­mit­ted as well as with the PO­LI­SHER any need to clean and re­co­ve­ry rolls sur­fa­ce is now per­mit­ted too with de­di­ca­te "on site" tools put at disposal of main­te­nan­ce team. CO­ME­RIO ER­CO­LE is con­stan­tly in­no­va­ting in terms of high tech­no­lo­gy and reliable ad­van­ced pro­cess with a con­stant and qua­li­fied in­vest­ment in INDUSTRY 4.0 sec­tor. Specifically, for Plastic Calendering file COMERIO ERCOLE will present a revolutionary calender named "FLEXI" at high-precision hydraulic roll positioning suitable for PVC sheets, and designed with 4 or 5 rolls according to the type of processed product (soft or rigid PVC). The new inverted L calender configuration (engineered as Industry 4.0 concept) allows a wide range of applications as it is designed to work with 3 lamination banks like a 4 roll calender or alternatively with 4 lamination banks like a 5 roll keeping the same post calender stretching-embossing unit of the film.

CO­ME­RIO ER­CO­LE staff will be hap­py to wel­co­me you at our stand, Hall 16 Booth 16F21.